At Kindred Wellness Cafe we host events for all ages! Many of these classes are listed monthly on our event calendar.

Most of these classes and workshops are available to be private with small groups. Contact us for more information on any of the options listed below!

– Children’s Craft Workshops by Kindred Wellness Cafe

– Zumbini music and movement classes for ages 0-5.

– Chair Yoga, Children’s Yoga (Ages 3-7 & 8-12) with Lissa

– Essential Oil classes for Children, Adults, Pets, Cleaning, Fertility through newborn, and everyday use. Any of these classes are available privately.

– Children’s, Teen and Adult Art Classes by Spaceland Studios.

– Life Coaching workshops with TLC Youth

– Adult Painting Classes (Mandala and Dot Painting) by Amanda

– Children’s, Teen and Adult Art Classes by Creatively Connected

– Candle Making Classes by Reign Creations

– Children’s, Teen and Adult Art Classes by Creative Art in Healing

– Adult Paint Classes by Color Mixer

-Houseplant and Garden classes by “This is a Farmhouse”

-Stained Glass workshops by MD Glassworks

Want to teach a class at Kindred Wellness Cafe? Reach out to us to discuss!

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