Yoga Classes

Join Lissa for Chair Yoga classes on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Beginners Chair Yoga Flow

This class is designed for adults who are beginners or have limited mobility, perfect for seniors! During class we will go through a basic flow using a chair to do seated stretching and standing poses. Chair yoga is a great way to get the wonderful health benefits of yoga while remaining seated and decreasing knee and back strain. Chair Yoga is an excellent way to loosen and stretch painful muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation. All poses will have modifications to best suit you! Limited spots to ensure social distancing.

Register by emailing KindredWellnessCafe@kindredwellnesscafe

Class length – 40 minutes
Cost- $7 or 10 classes for $55

Classes are held every Thursday 10am + Saturday 9am

This class is open to adults of all ages and abilities.

At Kindred Wellness Cafe we have Kid’s Yoga classes for ages 3-7 and 8-12. Join our instructor Miss Lissa for a 30 minute interactive and entertaining class.

$7/class or purchase a ClassPass(10 classes) $55
Registration required, email us at KindredWellnessCafe@kindredwellnesscafe

Kid’s Yoga Class | Ages 3-7

Bring your little one to their very own yoga class! Designed for ages 3-7, we will learn a fun summer themed yoga sequence.
In this 30 minute class your child will learn and practice a fun breathing technique while working through yoga flow with summer style poses.
The benefits of yoga go beyond just exercise!
Practicing yoga can help children develop awareness of their bodies and how they move improving motor skills and giving an outlet for self-expression. The principles of yoga and learning new breathing techniques also offers self-calming techniques, which are great when it’s time to relax or go to bed.
While your little one is having fun in yoga class, enjoy a cafe beverage and some retail shopping with a friend, or use the free wifi in our cafe space while waiting for them to finish!

$7/class or purchase a ClassPass(10 classes) $55
Registration required, email us at

Class cost is $7 or 10 classes for $55

Gentle Yoga:

Kimb leads a 60 minute journey into Gentle Yoga. We will begin with stretching, breathwork and meditation to warm up and relax the body. Eventually this leads to a vinyasa flow; building heat, encouraging strength, and improving balance. The end of our journey finds us lying on our mats, feeling the results of our practice, and enjoying a bit of guided meditation that will send you out into the world centered and complete.

Yoga is a gift to give and receive, all are welcome no matter what level of practice. Many of the positions are easily modified as this is a learning environment and each of us are on our own personal journey. Do something kind for your body, grab your mat and experience Gentle Yoga!

Class cost is $12

Register for any yoga class by emailing

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